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As part of our involvement in athletic competetions we are often asked to assist in the running of the competition. The club would appreciate any help from athletes or supporters in fulfilling this requirement.

Vollugi-Taylor Investment Fund

The Vollugi/Taylor Investment Fund was established to commemorate our Fifty-Year celebrations in 1996. The Fund is the foundation for athlete support for the Saints Athletics Club and honours our two great leaders:

Bob (Trunk) Vollugi

Arguably the greatest school coach ever, coaching 14 Intercollegiate Football victories and at least 10 Cricket Intercols. He also immersed himself in athletics coaching, Bob along with the then Headmaster Colin Gordon who himself was an Olympian and 1930 Empire game silver medalist in High Jump formed the St Peters Collegians Athletics Club (now Saints Athletics Club) in Oct 1946. Bob played a significant role in developing at least six of our Internationals including Theodore Bill Bruce, Ian Bruce, Leon Gregory, Scotchy Gordon, Nicholas Birks and Bruce Frayne.

Chris (CIT) Taylor

Chris followed on from Bob, serving the school athletics and Saints Athletics Club for another 35 years as a competitor, coach and administrator. The Schools incredible 44 Achilles Cup victories from 45 competitions bear testimony to Chris's commitment and excellence in our wonderful sport.

Whilst originally designed to support high-performance athletes, the Vollugi/Taylor Fund now also provides support to all our athletes through equipment purchases/facilities upgrades, as well as providing financial assistance to those who may not be able to afford to compete. For athletes to be considered for financial help, not only is their athletic ability important, but also the way they serve our club.

Donations to the Vollugi/Taylor Investment Fund will be invested to secure the long-term future of our club. Income from the Fund will be used to support our athletes in achieving their goals. If you would like your donation to be invested into something specific, please contact the Club Treasurer by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Please support Saints Athletics Club by making a tax deductible donation today.

Athletes seeking finacial support should read the club policy on the Policies Page for more information.

To make a donation to the Vollugi/Taylor Investment Fund please use the form below or through our donation page here