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STRATEGIC PLAN 2016-20 - 'Saints Athletics Club'*

*This Plan has been developed with the input of key stakeholders of our Organization, plus that of our board/committee and also incorporates relevant information from stakeholders' 'long term future' plans, such as our parent body.


Organization Name: St Peter's Collegians' Athletics Club Inc - trading as Saints Athletics Club

Incorporation number: A14


Short history summary of 'who we are'/background 'about us':


1946 to 2015

The club formally known as The St Peter's Collegians Athletics Club was founded in October 1946 in the master’s common room at St Peters College.

It was the brainchild of our first iconic school coach Bob (Trunk) Vollugi. Another club legend Alistair (Scotchy) Gordon was also present as a schoolboy and subsequently gave many years of support as both athlete and sprint coach. The then Headmaster and ex British Ghanaian Olympian Colin Gordon was a strong supporter for the formation of this great club which has continuously been a force in athletics in South Australia.

Bob realised the underlying strength of this new club would be the schoolboys in conjunction with old scholars, hence the original name of St Peter's Collegians Athletics Club.  Times have changed and in order to thrive, the club since 2000, chose to known as the Saints Athletics Club as it reflected its desire and need to be more inclusive and to meet expectation of the sporting community.

Since its beginnings, the club has produced 8 Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes:  Bill Bruce, Ian Bruce, Scotchy Gordon, Leon Gregory, Nick Birks, Bruce Frayne, Simon Arkell and Henry Frayne.

There have also been several other athletes from the club who have represented us internationally as well as dozens of state champions and state representatives in national and special competitions.

The club has always encouraged and appreciated participation from associated schools both as participants and volunteers. The Club camaraderie has helped us to gain a fine reputation in the athletics community and beyond. In latter years, additional athletes of all abilities plus coaches from the wider community have joined the club to make it stronger than ever.


Vision - Our ideal long term future:

A united athletics club that is a leader, respected, dynamic and progressive


Mission - Our agreed purpose:

Saints Athletics Club operates to:

- display excellence in all it does

- encourage participation and development in track, field and cross country

- promote a healthy lifestyle

- develop and maintain camaraderie inclusiveness

- create an environment of fun and nurturing


Stakeholders - All parties that have an interest/stake in our development:

St Peter's College, other schools, parents and families, Athletics SA, Little Athletics and Athletics Australia, members, officials and volunteers, coaches, Office for Sport and Recreation, Old collegians of the School, fellow ASA clubs

Core Values: What is meaningful and important in our club in the way we choose to operate:


Encouraging and accepting all those who appreciate the sport of track and field and in turn who respect our values


Motivating us to do our best and appreciate the positive benefits that competition offers - either against our own desire for achievement as a club or as individuals within it


Appreciating the enjoyment and success that working as a team delivers and maintaining a tradition of camaraderie


Offering equal opportunity for all to achieve their potential and aspirations in an environment of acceptance and encouragement


Striving to do the best we can as a club and as individuals within it by learning and applying agreed standards in all we do


Maintaining awareness that our club is based on volunteering and helping others strengthens the club and improves the character of its members


Recognizing that athletics is above all a contributor to a health lifestyle, regardless of age - assisting both mentally and physically


'Pillars' Areas of focus upon which our goals/objectives and strategies are based.


Communication & Promotion




Governance and Finance




Athlete Development


Social and Club Culture


PILLAR: Communication and Promotion

 - Communicate regularly using a variety of different platforms

Provide information and updates using the club website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email.

Determine priority of of stories/achievements we wish to highlight and use the most appropriate medium.


PILLAR: Competition

- Promote and develop athletes to compete in a combination of track and field events.

Instil a culture of fun and experimentation that puts athletes first.

- Organise and initiate in-house team challenges that coincides with interclub competition. "Super Saints Challenge".

Encourage athletes to enjoy competition and not just train.

- Create and organise a sound virtual and physical procedure for planning relay teams.

Set up a board at the track and have captains responisble for planning relay teams.


PILLAR: Governance & Finance

- Develop and foster succession planning.

Build succession in committee by incorporating disputies.

Use more delegation through sub committees for tasks.

- Develop a strategy to encourage female participation in all areas of the club.

Support and reward female participation.

Work on recruiting females.

- Develop and maintain regular updating of a club's database.

Allocate responsibility for updates as a person's role.


PILLAR: Volunteering

- Create a reward scheme to support and encourage our volunteers.

Offer free club membership based on previous year's contibution.

Give discount vouchers for special help given.

Provide a club T-shirt to regular volunteers.

- Formulate a plan to increase volunteer numbers.

Make volunteers aware of development pathways available.

- Support volunteers financially to help them gain qualifications.

- Recognise volunteers through media and club functions.

Provide free dinner to the Presentation night.


PILLAR: Athlete and Coaching Development

- Plan event diversity to improve skills for athletes.

Allocate and/or advise athletes to compete in '2nd choice' events.

- Seek out more potential coaches.

Build a bigger base of coaches for all track & field events.

- Implement a coaching mentoring scheme.

Align senior & new coaches.

- Develop ties with Little Athletics junior development.

Develop a liaison with Little Athletics.

- Create athlete scholarships.

Initiate criteria and determine best style of scholarship.


PILLAR: Social and Club Culture

- Organise more opportunities for social events incorporating both school and club athletes.

Foster more interaction between school based and other club athletes through more frequent functions.

- Promote our values.

Publicise examples of our values on the website or on social media.

Encourage more intermixing of members at training.

- Develop a more diverse range of attire e.g badges. socks, sprint suits and training tops.

Encourage every squad to wear club gear and sit togerther and cheer.