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Tony Keynes

President, School & SPC Association Representative

Angus Brock


Hans van Bavel


Nikolaos Flabouris

Deputy Secretary, Captain (Men)

James Lanthois


George Bolton

Deputy Treasurer

Sam Barnfield

Captain (Men)

Brooke Hines

Captain (Women)

Keely Hutchins

Captain (Women)

Nicholas Birks

Committee Member (Life Member)

Chris Minchin

Committee Member (Life Member)

Rick Wilson

Committee Member


School Athletics Captain


Upcoming Meetings

The committee meets regularly throughout the year. An Annual General Meeting is held towards the end of the year before the start of the summer season. All club members are invited and encouraged to attend the AGM.

Annual General Meeting - October 4th 2018

Dear Members, Families and Friends, Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Saints’ Athletics Club and its members will be held on THURSDAY OCTOBER 4th, 2018 at the first floor meeting room, Sports Centre, St Peter’s College from 6.30pm.

All members, parents and friends are encouraged to attend and contribute in discussions of interest and importance to the Club. The meeting is expected to take no more than 45 minutes. Members and friends may also consider nominating for committee positions at this meeting. We value a robust committee that includes new members to help keep the club efficiently run. Detailed descriptions regarding our key positions can be found below.

Following this meeting we will have a short regular committee meeting to discuss any important business.

Please click here for the agenda.

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Committee Position Descriptions

The documents below describe the responsibilities for each position on the committee:




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Past Club Captains

Here is a list of the previous Club Captains of the Saints Athletics Club.