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Saints Athletics Club - 70 Years - 1946-2016

Name: Bob Vollugi

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Name: Scotchy Gordon

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Name: Ian Bruce

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Name: Leon Gregory

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Name: Nicholas Birks

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Name: David Macklin

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Name: Peter Syme

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Name: Tony Keynes

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Name: Andrew Young

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Name: Christopher Taylor

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Name: Bruce Frayne

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Name: Hans van Bavel

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Name: Rob Keynes

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Name: Anton van Bavel

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Name: George Bolton

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Name: Peter Crump

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Below is a list of the Saints athletes who have competed in an international competition

Name: Theodore Bill Bruce

Event: Long Jump

- 1948 London Olympics

Name: Ian Bruce

Event: Decathlon

- 1956 Melbourne Olympics

Name: Leon Gregory

Event: 4 x 400m Relay

- 1956 Melbourne Olympics (Silver)

Name: Scotchy Gordon

Event: 4 x 100m

-   1950 Auckland Empire Games (Gold)

Name: Nicholas Birks

Event: (Silver, Bronze and 4th in Javelin)

- 1958 Cardiff Commonwealth Games

- 1962 Perth Commonwealth Games

- 1966 Jamaica Commonwealth Games

Name: Bruce Frayne

Event: (4th in the 4 by 400m relay Olympic Games)

- 1981 Christchurch Pacific Conference Games

- 1982 Brisbane Commonwealth Games

- 1983 Helsinki World Championships

- 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games

- 1985 Edinburgh Commonwealth Games

Name: Don Mcleanan

Event: Long Jump

- 1977 Australia vs New Zealand Match

Name: Simon Arkell

Event: (2 Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games Australian record holder in pole volt)

- 1989 Barcelona World Cup

- 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games (Gold)

- 1991 Tokyo World Championships

- 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games

- 1992 Havana World Cup

- 1993 Stuttgart World Championships

- 1993 Toronto World Indoor Championships

- 1995 Goteburg World Championships

- 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

Name: Henry Frayne

Event:Triple Jump and Long Jump

- 2008 Bydgoszcz World Junior Championships

- 2009 Belgrade Universiade

- 2011 Daegu World Championships

- 2012 Istanbul World Indoor Championships (Silver)

- 2012 London Olympic Games

- 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Name: Jamie Botten

Event:  800m (World University Games Bulgaria)

- 1977 Australia vs New Zealand Match

- World University Games

Name: Jamie Kelly

Event: Sprinter

- World Cup

NAME: Dylan Stenson

EVENT: 800m

- 2015 Bahamas World Relays

NAME: Michael Brusnahan

EVENT: 200m & 4x100m

- 2016 Oceania and Melanesian Games